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Enjoy the best of Egypt and visit its popular tourist sites including Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Abu Simbel. Our Holiday Package gives you the chance to explore the most extraordinary ancient sites, starting with the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, then sailing across the River on a Luxury Nile Cruise and exploring Temples of Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel.



  • Giza: Pyramids & Sphinx
  • Sakkara: Step Pyramid
  • Dahshur: Red & Bent Pyramids
  • Cairo: Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, Citadel, Khan El Khalili Bazaar
  • Luxor: Temples of Karnak & Luxor, Luxor Museum, the Museum of Mummification, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut & Habu Temples
  • Qena: Temple of Dendera
  • Sohag: Temple of Abydos
  • Edfu: Temple of Horus
  • Kom Ombo: Kom Ombo Temple & Crocodile Museum
  • Aswan: Temple of Isis
  • Abu Simbel: Temples of Abu Simbel (Optional)

Tour Highlights:

  • Nile Cruise Unforgettable Nile-cruise trip. Offering stylish and Luxury rooms, an elegant dining room, a spacious sundeck and swimming pool, an elegant lounge bar, Gymnasium, massage room, and other amenities
  • Available for Solo travelers
  • Fully guided & escorted tour

1 Person (Single Supplement included):  2705 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Sedan

2 People: 1768 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Micro coach (H1 or Hi Ace)

3 People:  1544 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Micro coach (Hi Ace)

4 People: 1431 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Micro coach (Hi Ace)

5-6 People: 1364 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Micro coach (Hi Ace)

7-8 People: 1338 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Mini coach (Coaster)

9-10 People: 1284 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Mini coach (Coaster)

11-12 People: 1249 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Mini coach (Coaster)

13-14 People: 1226 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Mini coach (Coaster)

15 People: 1208 USD Per Person Type of Vehicle: Mini coach (Coaster)


  • Single room Supplement-----$366
  • Peak period Supplement per package-----$249
  • *Reduction for Child under 12 (incl. coach, extra bed, meals, entrance fees) -----$324
  • *Reduction for Child under 6 (incl. coach, meals, entrance fees)----- $516
  • *Tour fee for Child under 2 (excl. coach, meals, entrance fees, incl. domestic ticket but seat)----- $35

Reservation & Payment schedule

  • Passport data of all participants is required upon reservation
  • Deposit per person required within 14 days after booking request: 25 % of the tour fee
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival during normal season and 60 days prior to arrival during peak season
  • Final itinerary is issued within 3 days after final payment

Cancellation Policy (Except for Peak Period)

Cancellation requests should be sent via fax or emailed to provide the company with written confirmation that your reservation should be cancelled.

 In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied:

  • 61 days prior to arrival (or more): Free Cancellation
  • 60 – 31 days prior to arrival: 25 % of Tour fee
  • 30 – 15 days prior to arrival: 50 % of Tour fee
  • 14 – 8 days prior to arrival: 75 % of Tour fee
  • 7 days prior to arrival (or less): 100 % of Tour fee

Peak Period:

Christmas & New Year: from 20 December 2020 till 07 January 2021

Easter: from 28 March 2021 till 11 April 2021

Cancellation Fees for Peak period

  • 91 days prior to arrival (or more): Free Cancellation
  • 90 – 61 days prior to arrival: 25 % of Tour fee
  • 60 – 31 days prior to arrival: 50 % of Tour fee
  • 30 – 15 days prior to arrival: 75 % of Tour fee
  • 14 days prior to arrival (or less): 100 % of Tour fee

Additionally, airlines charge cancellation fees for both domestic and international flights are subject to the airlines terms and conditions at the time of the booking.


  • Airport meet & assistance for arrival and departure
  • Domestic air ticket (from Aswan to Cairo)
  • All transfers by air-conditioned vehicle
  • All sightseeing in Cairo, Luxor & Aswan
  • Entrance fees to all sites as per itinerary.
  • Qualified Egyptologist guide
  • Accommodation:
  • Giza: 2 nights B&B (Pyramids Park Resort or similar)
  • Sleeper Train: 1 night HB (from Giza to Luxor)
  • Luxor: 1 night at hotel B&B (Iberotel Luxor or similar)
  • Nile Cruise: 4 nights Full Board 5 Star Nile Cruise (Princess Sarah or Similar)
  • Cairo: 1 night B&B (Ramses Hilton or similar)
  • All Transportation in private Vehicle
  • Lunch: During the tour as mentioned  per  itinerary
  • Bottle of water for each person everyday
  • All service charges and taxes


  • International Flights
  • Tipping for guides & drivers
  • Entry visa to Egypt
  • Any Extras not mentioned.

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Day 1

Arrival (Welcome to Egypt)

• Upon your arrival, Egyxotic Tours staff will meet and assist you for airport checkout (visa & customs), then guide you to your vehicle which will transfer you to your hotel. Spend the night at hotel in Giza. Have a rest & get ready to the adventure starting next day.

Pyramids Park Resort or similar (Giza)

Day 2

Great Pyramids of Giza & Sakkara & Dahshur

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, then head to the Pyramids area.
• The pyramids area is too wide to explore on foot, therefore the vehicle is necessary to move inside the area.
• Begin by stopping in front of the Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). After listening to your Egyptology tour guide’s talk about the Pyramid, you will take free time (25 minutes in case you enter the pyramid, & 15 minutes in case you won’t).
• Then return to your vehicle, move to the Panorama point where you can take photo for the three pyramids together, and enjoy camel riding (if you wish)
• Return to your vehicle again and move toward Sphynx (the largest one rock sculptured statue in human history).
• Move to Restaurant to enjoy Egyptian cooking for Lunch.
• After Lunch, with your air-conditioned vehicle, and accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide, move a little bit to the south of the Giza Pyramids (nearly 20—24 Kms) to visit two archeological sites: Dahshur, & Sakkara. There you will find out that Giza still has a lot to reveal.
• By visiting Dahshur you will be surprised to know that Egypt has other 2 great pyramids even older than those of Giza (built 4600 years ago under the reign of King Seneferu (Cheops’s father). One of them is the bent pyramid, the other is the Red pyramid.
• Then move by vehicle to Memphis (the oldest capital in world’s History). An open-air museum is now standing in the same spot that used to embrace the temple dedicated to the ancient deity Ptah, which was worshiped as the god of art and sculpture during the ancient times. Memphis’s open-air museum is famous mainly for having the magnificent statue of Ramses II as well as the Alabaster Sphynx (second biggest sphinx statue in Egypt).
• Proceed to Sakkara by your air-conditioned vehicle to see the oldest pyramid in Egypt (step pyramid) built by King Zoser. During the past few years, Sakkara’s name has been echoing worldwide due to the successive discoveries of ancient tombs containing numerous well preserved mummies placed inside colorful coffins.

Pyramids Park Resort or similar (Giza)
Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (Local Restaurant)

Day 3

Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo (The Christian District)

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, then check out hotel and proceed to visit the city of Cairo.
• Being the home for Islamic & Christian monuments, the tour in Cairo obviously carries a taste that is quite different from that of Giza, in spite of being close in distance (just on the opposite side of the Nile).
• 3rd day’s tour starts by visiting the district of Old Cairo; the home of old churches. Old Cairo district is well known for being blessed by the visit of infant Jesus & his mother during the time they spent in Egypt. Many old churches are located in this place, among which Mu’allaqah (hanging) church, and St. Sergius (aka Virgin Mary’s) church are the most popular. During your visit to Virgin Mary’s church, you will be able enter the cave of the Holy Family, which is well known for being the place that sheltered lord Jesus and Virgin Mary for two months, when they were hiding from Roman soldiers.
• Next, your air-conditioned vehicle will take you to the restaurant for lunch.
• After lunch, head to the Egyptian Museum, the house of the treasures of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun, as well as thousands of fascinating pieces of art.
• In the evening, your air-conditioned vehicle will take you to the rail way station to take the sleeper train to Luxor. Dinner on board sleeper train.

Sleeper train (from Giza to Luxor)
Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (Local Restaurant), Dinner (On board of Sleeper train)

Day 4

Temples: Karnak & Luxor | Museums: Mummification & Luxor

• Breakfast on board sleeper train & arrive at Luxor.
• Upon arrive at Luxor rail station, proceed for sightseeing of Luxor east bank.
• Karnak Temple: Dedicated to (Amun Raa) the main deity of Luxor & Egypt during ancient times, the complex of Karnak temples is known for being the biggest temple all over the world, moreover, it is the only temple which took 2000 years to be built.
• After Karnak, head to Luxor Museum to enjoy the beautiful artifacts left by the kings of middle kingdom & new kingdom, then to the Museum of Mummification where you will learn about the ancient Egyptians mummified the bodies of their dead.
• Proceed by your air-conditioned vehicle to Luxor temple to enjoy ancient architecture left by Ramses II (3300 years ago) and Amenhotep III (3400 years ago).
• Lunch at local restaurant, enjoy Upper Egyptian cuisine.
• After finishing this day’s sightseeing, the vehicle will take you to the hotel for check-in.
• After lunch you will be free to have a nap until dinner, or go for a walk by the Nile, or even both ;)

Iberotel Luxor or similar (Luxor)

Breakfast (On board of Sleeper train), Lunch (Local Restaurant)

Day 5

Temples of Dendera & Abydos (off the beaten path)

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, then check-out hotel, your Egyptologist tour guide will accompany you to visit the marvelous temples of Abydos and Dendera (nearly 8 hours tour).
• Abydos Temple:
• Best known as the Great Temple of Abydos, The temple of Seti I was built on entirely new ground half a mile to the south of the long series of temples. Being nearly complete and impressive, this building is the only surviving one. This temple is quite famous for what so called (Abydos King List). Showing the royal name of many dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from the first king (Narmer) until King Seti’s time.
• This day’s lunch will be (lunch box)
• Dendera Temple:
• Dedicated to Goddess Hathor, this temple has been modified on the same site starting as far back as the Middle Kingdom (Nearly 2000 BC), and continuing right up until the time of the Roman emperor Trajan. The existing structure began construction in the late Ptolemaic period at the time of Ptolemy XII (Auletes) in 54 BC. The hypostyle hall was built in the Roman period under Tiberius.
• After visiting Dendera temple, you will go back to Luxor & check-in your Nile Cruise.
• Have a rest until dinner. Dinner on board.

5 Star Nile Cruise (Princess Sarah or Similar)

Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (On board of Nile Cruise), Dinner (On board of Nile Cruise)

Day 6

Luxor West Bank - Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut, & Habu,

• The first visit of the day will be for the gigantic colossi of Memnon (better to take its photo during the morning before the sun moves toward the west and faces your camera). These two 18 meters high statues used to stand in front of the gate of King Amenhotep III’s funerary temple. Now, the temple has collapsed into ruins, and only these two statues are remaining.
• Next, your air-conditioned vehicle will take you to Thebes Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings, where the mummies of the kings of the new kingdom were enshrined. 62 tombs were discovered until now, among them the famous tomb of Tutankhamun. Considering having been painted more than 3000 years ago, the colored murals are breathtaking. Your ticket allows you to enter 3 tombs except: Tutankhamun, Seti I, and Ramses VI, which require extra ticket for each.
• Then you will go to visit Queen Hatshepsut’s terrace shaped, three floors, and uniquely designed funerary temple. On the walls of 2nd floor’s chapel, you will be able to see the world’s oldest record for a missionary to a foreign country.
• Your next visit will be to the memorial/mortuary temple of King Ramses III (aka Temple of Medinet Habu).
• Finally you will be transferred to your cruise-ship.
• After having lunch on board, you have free time until dinner. The cruise-ship will start sailing toward the south.

5 Star Nile Cruise (Princess Sarah or Similar)

Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (On board of Nile Cruise), Dinner (On board of Nile Cruise)

Day 7

Experience the glory of ancient Egyptian Architecture: The Temples of Edfu & Kom Ombo

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, then you will take the horse carriage for 10 minutes to visit Horus temple (aka Edfu temple). Dedicated to Horus the Falcon, this temple is considered to be the only temple that could safely reach our time with almost no damage, almost no missing parts. Starting by the Pylon (the gate), going through the court, first and second hypostyle halls, ending by the Holy of the Holies, almost intact.
• After your 2 hours visit, your cruise-ship will start sailing to Kom Ombo. Your schedule is free until lunch. Various activities could be performed during your free time; enjoy watching beautiful sceneries on both east & west bank of the Nile while sailing, book a massage session, swim in sundeck’s pool etc…
• After lunch, you will be accompanied by your guide to visit Kom Ombo temple (aka Subek temple). This temple is very famous for having The Crocodile Mummies Museum, also for the Calendar relief and Medical/Surgical tools relief.
• The tea time will be either before or after lunch, where you can enjoy hot tea or coffee served with cakes and cookies as a complimentary from the cruise stuff.
• Dinner will be onboard. After dinner enjoy some entertainments at the lounge bar while the boat continues sailing to Aswan.

5 Star Nile Cruise (Princess Sarah or Similar)


Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (On board of Nile Cruise), Dinner (On board of Nile Cruise)

Day 8

Aswan High Dam & unfinished Obelisk Optional Tour To Visit Abu Simbel Temples

• Enjoy Healthy Breakfast.
• Your Egyptologist tour Guide will accompany you in your air conditioned vehicle to visit the unfinished obelisk & the High Dam.
• You can join an optional tour to visit the temples of Abu Simbel (including Lunch box)
• You will be accompanied by your Egyptologist tour guide to visit the Iconic temples of Abu Simbel located 280 kilometers to the south of Aswan (3 hours by vehicle). 3300 years ago, and under precise astronomical calculations, both big temple and small temples were constructed by carving the cliff of a sandstone mountain. During 1960s, and in order not to vanish under the water of High Dam lake resulting from the building of Aswan High Dam, both temples had to be reconstructed over the very same mountain under which they used to be.
• Lunch (Box)
• After finishing the visit to Abu Simbel (usually takes 2 hours), the coach will take you back to Aswan. After finishing the visit to Abu Simbel (usually takes 2 hours), the coach will take you back to Aswan (3 hours).
Arrive at Aswan

5 Star Nile Cruise (Princess Sarah or Similar)


Breakfast (On board of Nile Cruise), Lunch (On board of Nile Cruise or Lunch Box), Dinner (On board of Nile Cruise)

• The city of Aswan is very famous for perfumes and perfume glasses, if you wish, we can take you to a perfume shop. There, you can enjoy the Glass show (a demonstration of how delicate hand-made perfume glasses are manufactured), followed by an informatory session about the ancient Egyptian legacy of perfumes. In the end, you can have time for shopping (100% guaranteed quality).

Day 9

From Aswan to Cairo by air: The city of Cairo: The Citadel & Alabaster Mosque & Bazaars

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, your coach will take you to Aswan Airport to take the flight back to Cairo.
• Upon arrive at Cairo airport, starting by visiting the citadel of Salah El-Din, constructed 800 years ago to defend Cairo from the crusade invasion. Since then & nearly until the middle of 19th century, it has become the seat of government of Egypt. Inside the citadel lies the alabaster mosque of Mohamed Ali, which from its western side has a panoramic view the overlooks the entire old city of Cairo.
• Next, your air-conditioned vehicle will take you to the restaurant for lunch.
• After lunch your transfer by vehicle to the Bazar (market) of Khan El Khalili, where you can enjoy the atmosphere old market while having an outdoor seat in one of the coffee shops.

Ramses Hilton or similar (Cairo)


Breakfast (Hotel), Lunch (Local Restaurant)

Day 10

Final Departure

• Enjoy healthy breakfast, then Egyxotic’s representative will escort you to the airport for final departure. Hotel departure time is to be set in accordance with you flight details. You can use your room until 12 PM.

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