Best of Egypt Overland Tours

Cast your eyes on some of the most majestic destinations you will ever witness. By booking one of our overland Tours in Egypt, you will have the chance to experience all what Egypt has to offer.

Our overland tours are the tours that do not include Nile cruises. You will visit same places in Nile Cruise tours, but this time using an air-conditioned comfortable coach.

In order to make it easier to compare between tours, and to choose the tour that suits your interest, we classified our package tours in Egypt into Turquoise (Luxury Tours) and Emerald (Ultra Luxury Tours) According to hotel category and methods of long distance (between cities) transportation. However mixing between categories is possible according to your request. Your wish to replace a hotel or a transportation method with another can be flexibly and smoothly materialized by our experienced stuff.

Book now, and get the best experience of your tour to Egypt.