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Egyxotic Tours is a tour company established by experienced staff of tour guides & tour operators who have been working in the field of Egyptian tourism since 1996. Our target is to fulfill our clients’ travel dreams and help them create the most wonderful travel memories in Egyp​​​​​​​​t. And ​​​​this is what we are dedicated to. Each single itinerary is planned by our specialized & experienced team who aim to offer you your utmost desire from your holidays.

Our company’s headquarter exists in London-UK. However, since our main activity is to operate tours in Egypt and other middle eastern countries, therefore the majority of our office/field staff are present in the countries of destination. Although Egyxotic Tours is comparatively a newly established company (2021), our working team –as previously mentioned –is formed of specialized & experienced team who have been doing the job for almost twenty five years. Experience & Specialty are the main reasons to be sure that your travelling to Egypt with us will be beyond your imagination. Cultural tours, beach holidays, Desert Safaris, and more are available when you travel to Egypt using our services. Planning and booking all your Egypt vacation packages is very simple. Using our travel shop website; You can tailor your own tour by choosing the cities/sites you wish to visit, the hotels/cruises you wish to stay, and the means of long distance travel (Vehicle-Train-Airplane). 

In order to ensure the delivery of a safe, excellent, and flexible experience throughout the booking process, journey, and even after returning, to our travelers, we at Egyxotic Tours believe in innovation, growth, and consistency along with our partners. Fitting the exact needs of all clients (Individuals, travel agents, wholesaler’s special communities and their customers) is the target of our business. We aim at building a world-wide network.

Mohamed Bayoumi

Egyxotic Tours



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