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If you are planning a trip to Egypt, Egyxotic offers you a wide range of package tours. Our tours to Egypt arranged and performed by Egyxotic’s experienced stuff, will lead you to trace the footsteps of ancient Egyptians through the temples and monuments existing in the land of pharaohs.

Egyxotic tours aims to help you get the best of your tour in Egypt. In order to get full experience of ancient Egyptian pyramids, we will take you not only to the famous pyramids of Giza, but also the step pyramid of Sakkara, and the red & inclined pyramid of Dahshur. You will also experience the magical beauty of the Nile river through sailing on board luxury Nile cruise along the stream from Luxor to Aswan or opposite.

Our tours in Egypt , offers you the chance to spend an extraordinarily wonderful vacation by staying at a luxury Red Sea resort, where you can enjoy relaxing by the beach or subscribe in various sea-related activities like diving, snorkeling etc.

We offer you a wide range of package tours. You can pick the one that suits best with the plan of your vacation, regarding your interests, duration, and budget. Also our packages can be a good reference, in case you prefer to tailor your own trip to Egypt by yourself.

Book now, and get the best experience of your vacation.

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25 years of experience

Egyxotic Tours has an over 25 years

of experience in the field of tourism in Egypt, Being able to craft

finely-honed tour itineraries that never fail to delight our clients is the

outcome of this experience. We are proud to say that we’ve trekked and toured

every attraction in Egypt at least tens of times. This enables us to make your

trip as safe, comfortable, and memorable as possible.